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D. castaneoticus
(Last update 03/25/99)

Photos by R. Melancon

Please note that this frog is fairly new to the hobby and at this time there is not much information regarding it.  If you have information you think might be of interest to others, please see the Species Data Form.

Correct Name:
What Name Means:  (castane L = chestnut)
Common Name:  Brazil-nut Dart frog

Physical Description
Size range:  0.7 to 1.0 inches (18  to 25  mm)
Weight range: ___ g
Average size of female:  inches  (______  mm)
Average weight of female:  g
Average size of male: _______ inches  (______mm)
Average weight of male:
How to identify sexes:
Description:  The attached photos are good examples of this frog.  The frogs I have seen personally are black body with white dots forming lines along the back and metallic gold marking on the legs.  A very nice frog!!

Other Morphs:

Biotype and Distribution
Population density:
Day Temperature:  ____
Night Temperature :  ____
Relative humidity during dry season:  ______ %
Rainy season:
Are frogs sitting in sunlight:
When is their active time:
What kinds of food in wild:

Recommended dimension:  L =____ in. (___cm) W= ___in(____cm) H= ____in(____cm)
Day Temperature:  ____
Night Temperature :  ____
Terrarium landscaping:
Average age in terrarium:  ______years
Maximum age in terrarium:  _______years
Behavior - outgoing or reclusive:
Parts of Vivarium occupied:
How often misted:

Eggs/clutch size:
Where are eggs placed:
Sensitive to light:
Development time for eggs: _________days
Development time for tadpoles: ____________days
Percent of Eggs to develop into tadpoles: ____%
Percent of tadpoles that develop into froglets: _____%
Percent of froglets that reach maturity: ______%
Age of maturity:_____ months
Food for tadpoles:______________________
Tadpoles kept singly or in groups: _________________
Are F1 offspring different from wild caught parents: ______________

Methods to induce breeding:_____________

General notes about specie:______________

Other sites with information or photos:

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Sources of information:
Jewels of the Rainforest by Jerry Walls


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