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Epipedobates azureiventris
(blue belly dart frog)

Physical Description:
Size of female 28 mm
Size of male 25 mm
How to identify males/female:
Typical color morphs:  upper side black with yellow stripes on the side, legs blue/green to yellow/green dots, belly and legs blue with black dots.
Size of tadpoles: 45 mm
Call:  long thrill with short interruptions

Biotype and Distribution
Country of origin:  Peru, Province San Martin
Biotype:  mountain forests, 700 m above sea level
Population densities isolated:
Relative humidity at dry season: 80 %
Difference of temperature at night/day:  6 degrees, 18 deg at night, 24 deg. at day time.
Which month is rain season: December to April
Which month is dry season:  May to December
Are frogs sitting in sunlight never: only sitting in shade, always sitting on ground.
When is their activity time? all day, more after rain fall
What kind of food do they find? mites, ants

recommended dimension: at least 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Landscape:  used materials inside bottom with moss, backside higher, use thick roots
How often do you simulate rain: at least once per day
Adult population density: ______
Recommended light in watts: 20 watts
Possible population densities of adults: 1 pair
Possible age reached in vivarium: about 5 years
Behavior, visible or concealed: Sitting under large leaves and roots

How many eggs/clutch: 12 to 16
Where are they placed: 1/2 coconut, sometimes in bromeliads
Sensitive to light? no
Development time for eggs: 2 weeks, depending on temperature
Development time for tadpoles: 6 weeks
Food for tadpoles: all kind
Tadpoles kept single or together in group: together, not aggressive
Are wild caught parents different from F1 offspring  in  size, appearance, color? No, they were kept in a greenhouse since 1986

Matthias Kneller
date of this description July 17th 1996


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