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(Last update 04/16/2005)

I have frogs for sale.  Click Here for more info.


FrogNet Classifieds Callie Carroll set up this page that allows people to post ads from their computers.  Right now it is one of the best places or the best place to find frogs.


The rest are in alphabetical order.

Aaron Handzlik
Located in NY
I met Aaron when I was in NY- he has nice animals and is a nice guy.


Black Jungle Terrarium Supply

Located in Mass.
I have not ordered from them but I have heard good things.

CB Distributors/The Serpent's Egg
Located in Fl.

Located in Rochester, NY

Sells frogs..  Also sells flies and supplies and has "Rent A Frog"

Located in Columbia MD.

Sean Stewart’s web page.  I have not done business with Sean but have heard good things about him and he has a nice selection.
Located in San Diego, CA
I never have done business with them but they have a very nice web page.  They also have CB pumilio for sale.


Quality Captives

Located in Columbus, Ohio

I have not ordered from them but they seem nice.

Saurian Enterprises, Inc.
Located in  Chesterfield MO
I have gotten frogs from Patrick and he has a good selection of animals and is very fair to deal with.  Patrick has also was one of the 1st folks to have success at captive breeding pumilio!!

T&C Terrariums
Located in Harbor Oaks, Fl                                                                                                                          Great plant selection, moss, cork, palm bark, and fruit flies.  They also have some animals.

The British Dendrobates Group Classifieds
This page is used mainly for people in the United Kingdom.

Under Story enterprises  Located in Canada

Mark Pepper  - Canada

I have never done business with Mark but he is the only breeder I know in Canada and he has a very nice web page.


The Reptile Center Located in New York.

I haven't done business with them but they have a very impressive web page.  Sell some frogs but also have a wide offering of Reptiles.


Yeager's Frogs

Located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. 

I have never gotten frogs from Justin but he has been on frognet for several years and some of the folks that I know that know him says he is a good guy.

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