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Last update 03/01/2003

The family Dendrobatidae  is divided into 6 genuses: 

  • Aromobates,

  • Colosthethus,

  • Dendrobates,

  • Epipedobates,

  • Minyobates, and

  • Phyllobates.

The following is information is for the species that are most often kept in captivity.  The format is based upon the format used by Gerd Voss of the IGF (Interessengemeinschaft Froschlurche).  If YOU have any additional information regarding a specie or would like to contribute another specie, please complete the Species Data Form or  E-mail Me.

After each name is what the name translates to as found in the Dictionary
of Word Roots and Combining Forms
by Donald J. Borror



Colosthethus coco = ?? / stheth g = breast or chest)


Dendrobates - (Dendro g= tree / bates g = one that walks or haunts)

D. arboreus

D. auratus (aurat L = golden)
D. auratus (aurat L = golden) Last update 01/03/99
D. azureus (blue) Last update 03/04/99
D. biolat
D. captivus
D. castaneoticus (castane L = chestnut) Last update 03/25/99
D. fantasticus (fantas L = fancy)
D. galactonotus (glacto G = milk - I don't think this is what it means)  Last update 03/09/99
D. granuliferus (granul L = a little grain)
D. histrionicus (histrio L = an actor / nic G = victory; strife)
D. imitator (imita L = imitate, copy)
D. lamasi
D. lehmann
D. leucomelas   (leuco G = white / melas G = black) Last update 01/03/99
D. mysteriosus
D. occultator
D. pumilio (pumilio L = a dwarf)
D. quinquevittatus (quinqu L = five / vittat L = striped)
D. reticulatus (reticul L = a network) Last update 04/06/99)
D. sirensis
D. speciosus
D. tinctorius(tinct L = dyed, tinged) Last update 03/09/99
D. truncatus
D. vanzolinii
D. variabilis

D. ventrimaculatus (ventr L = underside, belly / macula L = spotted)

Epipedobates (Epipedo G = on the ground / bates G = one that walks or haunts)
E. andinus
E. azureiventris (azur = blue / ventr L = underside, belly)
E. bassleri
E. bilinguis
E. bolivianus
E. boulengeri
E. cainarachi
E. erythromos
E. espinosai
E. femoralis
E. flavopictus
E. ingeri
E. macero
E. maculatus
E. myersi
E. parvulus
E. petersi
E. pictus
E. pulchripectus
E. rufulus
E. silverstonei
E. smaragdinus

E. tricolor (3 colors) (Last update 04/01/99)
E. trivittatus (trivi L = three ways; cross roads)
E. zaparo

Minyobates (Miny G = small / bates G = one that walks or haunts)
M. abditus
M. altobueyensis
M. bombetes
M. fulguritus
M. minutus (minut L = small)M. minutus
M. opisthomelas
M. steyermarki
M. viridis
M. virolinesis

Phyllobates (Leaf Climber)
P. aurotaenia (auro L = air / taenia G = a band, ribbon)
P. bicolor (bi L = two color) Last update 04/06/99
P. lugubris
P. terribilis  (terri L = terror / bili L = bile; anger)
P. vittatus (vittat L = a stripe, band; or striped)

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