Doyle's Dart Den


Display Vivarium

EnSafe, Inc.

Bowling Green, KY


After I moved to the Bowling Green Kentucky office of EnSafe, the people at the office took a liking to my frogs.  The office manager (Derek) mentioned that he would like to have a nice display in the entrance way to the office and I mentioned that I had a nice display tank in storage.  So with that the plan to setup the tank was hatched.  The tank is a custom built 90 gallon tank built by Twin Oaks of Dickson Tennessee.  It measures 48 inches long, 18 inches from front to back, and is 25 inches tall.  Currently, the vivarium houses two male and one female Dendrobates azureus (the blue frog) and one female (expected) Phyllobates bicolor (the yellow frog).  These frogs are of the family Dendrobatidae which is commonly referred to as the poison dart frogs.  To read more about these frogs see my main page at  Since setting up the tank, the D. azureus have laid several clutches and have even hid some of the eggs resulting in the office getting to see the male carrying the tads around to place them in the water.  See the photographs below.

Below are additional photographs of the vivarium.  Click on the image for a larger view.


All of the frogs Dendrobates azureus Phyllobates bicolor
Unknown Grass plant Male D. azures carrying tad to water. Male D. azureus carrying tad to water.
Bird nest Fern with Satin Pellionia vine at top. Purple Waffle and driftwood Waterfall


Tank Information



90 gallon front opening (48 inches long, 18 inches from front to back, and 25 inches tall) Custom built by Twin Oaks of Dickson TN.
Background -- Cork Bark
Lighting -- Four 40 watt standard fluorescent (Damar TrueTone 5,000 K / CRI 90 from
Water flow -- Drilled bottom with water fall powered by a Rio 2100 pump.
Heating -- Room temp.
Soil mix -- Atlanta Botanical Gardens mix (click here for more info.).
Decorations -- Drift wood and coconut shell for egg laying site
Animals --

2 male 1 female Dendrobates azureus

1 unknown Phyllobates bicolor

Plants --

Aluminum Plant - Pilea cadierei - Plant behind driftwood with silver on leaves.

Bird Nest Fern - Asplenium nidus - Large plant in center.

Lipstick Vine - Aeschynanthus lobbianus - (Ground vine by coconut shell)

Purple Waffle - Pilea cadierii - Green and purple plant in the front on the left side.

Satin Pellionia - Pelliona pulchra - (Vine in tank)

Grass - ???? - Grass like plant near the coconut shell.

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