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Last update 11/22/2003

The links here are divided into 4 groups in alphabetical order.


Northwest Frogfest - November 1, 2003 - See web page for more info.



American Dendrobatid Group's purpose is to educate enthusiasts in all aspects of Dendrobatid husbandry and captive propagation as well as to develop better communication between Dendrobatid breeders and hobbyists in the Western Hemisphere. The ADG newsletter is designed to disseminate current information and new developments in the hobby.  I have composed a Table of Contents and an Index for the ADG's newsletter; click HERE to view them. (NOTE:  The ADG is no longer publishing a newsletter but you can still get back issues of it)


International Amphibian Days (IAD) - This a group of folks that put on a very nice show / conference regarding Amphibians.


The British Dendrobatid Group -   The group is much like the American Dendrobatid Group but in UK.  The web page is very nice!!  It even has an archives of articles with very good information.


Internet Groups


FrogNet - this is an email group that deals with dart frogs.  Very useful.

King Snake's Arrow Frog Forum - This is a bulletin board which deals with dart frogs.

Vivarium email group - This group deals with vivariums in general but it still has some good information

The Naturalistic Vivarium - This group deals with vivariums in general but it still has some good information


Dartfrogportal - - This is a very nice site that has several web pages linked under subject sections.  Also has several pages in other languages and countries.

Poison-Dart Frog Webring -;list  This is a web ring with over 40 frog sites.

Dartfrog Startingpoint   Links, Links, and more Links.

The Vivarium Directory - a comprehensive listing of Vivarium, Terrarium, and Paludarium related pages on the World Wide Web, with an emphasis on naturalistic vivariums.

INFORMATIONAL PAGES by Marc van Doorn.   This is a very nicely done page.  (New)

Devin's Amphibian And Reptile Information Site - Devin has a very nice web page regarding dart frogs and other animals.  (New)

Justin Genter II Frog Fiend page - - I haven't had time to really look, but it looks like a very nice page

Brian Tesoro's Dart Frog Page -
Brian has a very nice web page with quite a bit of information.

The Vivarium Page by Ken Uy
Ken has a very nice web page with good information and photos.

The Handsome Prince - This page is by Tor Limbo and has some good information and photos.

Poison Frogs - by Quintijn Jansson is a very well done web page with some good information.  Quintijn is located in the Netherlands, so it is nice to see a view of keeping frogs from another part of the world.

Justin Yeager's Dart Frog Page - A nice frog page with good photos. - - A very nice web page with good information.

The KILLER FROGZ of Hoboken - A nice personal frog page with good photos.

Shin Sugiyama's Poison Frog Page -
As far as photos, this has to be one of the BEST web pages.  Make sure you check it out.

DENDROBATES -  A nice page with lots of general info.  Also has text in English, Spanish, French, and Portugese.


Frog World - This is a good general frog site.

Robb's World -  A world of frogs, guitars, rollerblades and computers. A nice personal frog page with some good photos.

The Dendrobatid Frog Page - Anthony's web page has great information and links to other great sites.  It is also the home of FrogNet which is an online forum for people to discuss the care of dart frogs.  It is a great place to pick up information and talk with people all over the USA and the world about dart frogs.  I strongly recommend that you give FrogNet a try.  Anthony has been working on his page the last few months so if the FrogNet page is not working click here for the information on how to subscribe to FrogNet.

The Dendrobates Galactonotus web page - - Great photos of this species.

The Dendrobates Tinctorius Colour Morph Guide Great source for identification of  some of the morphs of Dendrobates tinctorius.

The Digital Frog Page -
This is a really nice page with great photo.

Vincent Walsh's Poison Dart Frogs

Vivaria Project  This European based page is a  nice web page with a lot of good information. Dry goods are also available.

Wild Thing  A neat web page. This is a new page were WE can help make the site.


Amphibian Information Centre - Not much information on dart frogs, but some GREAT information on Mantellas.  If Mantellas are your main interest you may want to go straight to the Mantella care sheet page: - by Melissa Kaplan. This is a wonderful site. The main emphasis is on green iguanas but she has an incredible amount of information. Very good article regarding lighting.

Day Geckos - - has good information regarding some of the Day Geckos that can be kept with dart frogs.

MANTELLAS!  Another good page for mantellas.

Termiculture  Some good information about termites.

Termites - Urban Entomology Program home page  Another page with information about termites. - This is a NICE all-inclusive web page about snakes and many other animals.






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