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The Orchid House's Indoor Plant Lighting  (READ) Detailed information about artificial lights and plants.
Photosynthesis 22 pages of information on how plants use light.
A Comparison of the UV-B Irradiance of Low-Intensity, Full-Spectrum Lamps With Natural Sunlight(READ) The title says it all.
Reptile Lighting: You may not be getting what you think you're buying.(READ) A look at bulbs and the UV output.
Reptile Lighting: A Current Perspective(READ) A very informative article regarding the UV output of various fluorescent lamps.  Note:  For some reason this page will not open in Netscape.
A Comparison Between Light Sources Used in Planted Aquaria(READ) This is a very useful web page with information on how to compare different bulbs.
How Fluorescent Lighting Works

How Things Work - Fluorescent Lamps

Good information on how fluorescent lights work.

23 pages of detail information about how fluorescent lamps work.

Spectral Images of Various Fluorescent Lamps A nice web page with spectral images and other data of many different standard bulbs.
The Krib Lighting Page Links to several articles regarding lighting.
The unit concerning the light in the plant production This web page has information on Photosynthesis photon flux density (PPF, PPFD) and Radiation flux density (RFD) and has some conversion tables. (the page is in English and Japanese)
Spectral Analysis of Metal Halide Lamps Used in the Reef Aquarium Hobby - Part 1: New 400-watt Lamps Detail information about metal halide lamps.
Photosynthesis and Photo adaptation This is a detailed article regarding saltwater reef tanks and artificial lights but some of the information is useful for vivariums.
Colors and Spectral Characteristics of Various Fluorescent Lamps The title says it all.
Reef Lighting at a Fraction of the Cost Has information about operating standard fluorescent lamps with VHO ballasts.

Do-It-Yourself Web Page(Back to top)

Brent Block's 13 Watt web page
Has detail information on how to setup 13 Watt compact for $10 ea.
Do-It-Yourself Guide To Compact Fluorescent Lighting For Aquariums (READ) Very detailed information about building Compact fluorescent lighting systems.
Micro Reef Lighting's Do It Yourself Plans - 27W Power Compacts (Quads) Nice web page with information about how to build a 27W florescent Compact lighting system for approx. $25.
Micro Reef Lighting's Do It Yourself Plans - 28W Same as above but for 24 W.
Micro Reef Lighting's Do It Yourself Plans for 55W Same as above but for 55 W.

Parts & Supplies Sites  (Back to top)

ACE Ballast This site has numerous ballast for Compact Fluorescent setups. At the top of the page use the "Product Selector" to find what you need.
Advance Transformers Advance seems to be the big company in making ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps. Use this page to find the ballast or enter the bulb you want to run and it will pull up a list of ballasts for you. You can then look at very detailed information about the ballast and see a wiring diagram.
Aquarium Hobbyist Supply
48 Benedict Rd. - Pittsford, NY 14534 Phone (716) 218-0201
(Great Place)
A very affordable place to buy kits. I have never used them but I have only heard good things about them.
Bulbs A2Z
A very nice selection of lamps and well priced. I have been using their 13 Watt, Plug-In Compact Fluorescent 2 Pin GX23 Base, 5000 Degree Kelvin bulb which can be found at:

Also they have a 13 Watt "Full-Spectrum fluorescent creates a natural color spectrum similar to natural Sunlight and effective in treating winter depression" Wide selection of lamps and ballasts
Custom SeaLife Custom SeaLife specializes in products for saltwater fish tanks and has numerous bulbs.
General Electric GE makes numerous lighting products. A retailer much like McMaster-Carr above.
Light Bulbs 4 Sale Wide selection of lamps and different kind of bulbs.
This place has EVERYTHING and they are a retailer. Of importance, they have ballasts and lamp holders
Natural Lighting - Natural Full Spectrum Lighting *****NEW***** This place has a lot of Natural Lighting products.

Osram Sylviania
Osram Sylviania is one of the large makers of bulbs and ballasts. The main home page is:
Philips North American Lighting web page Detail information regarding lights made by Philips.


Stage Lighting has a very nice selection of ballast especially for compact fluorescent lamps
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