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D. reticulatus

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Common Name:  Red Backed Poison Frog
What Name Means:  ((Dendro g= tree / bates g = one that walks or haunts / reticul L = a network)

Physical description
 Size range: 1/2 to 5/8 inches (14  to 16 mm)
 Average size of female:  inches  (______  mm)
 Average size of male: _______ inches  (______mm)
 How to identify sexes: Females tend to be larger and fatter.  Adult males have vocal sacs.
 Description:  A small  frog with an orange to red head that turns to black with gray/blue netting (reticulation) along the back and legs.
 Call:  Low rasping-call which can only be heard when one is near the vivarium.

Biotype and distribution
Distribution:  Cordillera Central in north-eastern Peru up to elevations of 2600 ft (800m).
Biotype:  Primary forest in glades or cleared woodlands.
Population density:  _________________
Relative humidity during dry season:  ______ %
Rainy season:  _____________________
Are frogs sitting in sunlight:  ________________
When is their active time:  __________________
What kinds of food:  _______________________

Recommended dimension:  L = 18 in. (40 cm) W=12 in(30 cm) H=24 in(60 cm)  In the wild, these frogs are more arboreal, but people have noted that CB animals tend not to climb.
Adult population density:
Day Temperature:  82 F (27C)
Night Temperature :  68 F (20C)
Terrarium landscaping:________________________________
Average age in terrarium:  ______years
Maximum age in terrarium:  _______years
Behavior - outgoing or reclusive:__________________

Eggs/clutch size: 2 - 6 eggs
Where are eggs placed:  Petri dish,  bromeliads and film canisters.
Sensitive to light:______________________
Development time for eggs:  10 - 14 days
Development time for tadpoles: 70 - 84 days
Food for tadpoles:______________________
Tadpoles kept singly or in groups: _________________
Are F1 offspring different from wild caught parents: ______________

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